Give it a spin!

The following page features a selection of QR codes designed for you to try out and gain first-hand experience with the ITZAtag service – these are all DEMO codes, feel free to try them all.

Each unique code corresponds to a different "Listing", with all belonging to fictional merchants and representing a single product or service category. Whether you scan one or all of the codes, you will quickly notice that products from the same fictitious merchant end up in the same conversation, while scanning a unique category code generates a new conversation with a different merchant.

By scanning these codes, you can experience what a customer would encounter when interacting with your business, using either a ITZAtag or by printing the free QR code generated by the system. It is worth noting that most customers interested in your products or services will only scan a few items, and even if a great number of items are scanned, the conversation can be easily organized to discuss the specific items that the customer is most interested in with you or one of your staff.

If you don't sell products, but instead offer a service, you can still benefit from placing a ITZAtag on your reception counter. This way, potential customers can easily connect with your business and access the information you've provided about your services through the listing. Additionally, they can initiate a chat through that conversation to learn more about your offerings.



Motor Bike


Tabletop Game


Real Estate












Art Gallery


QR codes and NFC tags offer a convenient way to connect with businesses and access information instantly. While both options have their advantages, NFC tags have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use and faster scanning times. With NFC, simply tapping your phone to a tag is all it takes to instantly access the information you need, especially using ITZA. NFC tags contain an electronic circuit inside which is instantly powered and activated when a reader / phone is placed near it.


The ITZAtag is a combination of both, a printed QR code as seen above and an NFC chip and antenna incorporated inside.

Scanning QR codes requires at least 3 steps 1) opening the camera 2) scanning and 3) manually pressing on the link. NFC on the other hand requires none of this and is native to most phones! This can be beneficial in situations where speed is essential, such as making a purchase or accessing critical information on the go. So, if you're looking for a quick and efficient way to provide information and connect with customers, offering QR codes together with NFC in a tag, is essential for a hassle-free experience.