Voices of Success Real Stories from TraiTel's Happy Clients


Discover the impact of TraiTel Telecommunications through the experiences of those who know us best - our valued clients. With over 20 years in the business, we have empowered a diverse array of companies, fostering growth and innovation at every turn.


Below, you'll find authentic testimonials from our satisfied customers, sharing their journeys of transformation and success. These stories not only reflect our commitment to excellence but also offer a glimpse into the potential awaiting your business with the newly launched ITZA platform. Read on to see how we've been a trusted partner in driving business forward, and how we can do the same for you.


Kali Gayle - Oracle Customer Management Solutions

"Over these two decades, we've entrusted TraiTel with more than just business - we've invested over $1M in their services. Why? Because they're the rare breed that walks the talk. Their SMS delivery services aren't just reliable; they're the steadfast backbone of our operational success. We've thrown every challenge in the book at them - scale, complexity, urgency - and each time, they've hit back with solutions that not only work but excel."

The full letter written by the founder of OracleCMS can be downloaded here

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Robin Vaz - Pirelli Tyres Australia

"The services provided by TraiTel have become an integral part of our business operations. Prior to using TraiTel's services, we used to manually fax tax invoices to our customers without email addresses. However with TraiTel, this process has become a thing of the past for us. The customer support and user interface experience is second to none, and I also find TraiTel's pricing very competitive. I am also in the process of automating our transmission of monthly statements to our customers via TraiTel services. I would just like to mention that I am very happy with services provided by TraiTel and recommend the same to my industry colleagues. Keep up the good work."


Jason Bousfield - City Finance

"I have been using the Traitel TTMessenger service now for some time and we are slowly expanding its release through to our network of over 80 outlets. I have found Traitel's services to be of exceptional value with also very good reliability. I find it convenient that I can pick up the phone and talk to someone if I have an issue or need any further training for myself or any of our outlets and/or their staff. We have found the Traitel SMS system to be an excellent marketing tool and heavily rely on this system in today's market. I see no reason why we would not continue to use Traitel for our SMS needs as their service started off very good and has only gotten better to date."


Graham Hyman - Youth Specialties Australia

"As a businessman who travels constantly I find the TraiTel fax service brilliant. I can send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime, all on my published number. The interface is easy to use and the service wonderfully reliable. As an added bonus, it is cheaper than traditional faxing!"


Convention Wise

"Convention Wise is getting greener. We have just gone from paper fax to online fax, getting rid of our old thermal paper fax machine and transferring to an Australian company - TraiTel that enables us to receive and send our faxes by email. Trust me - it works. No printer or toner required! We have invested in a scanner for submitting documents, but have gotten rid of our fax telephone line - another saving which covers the cost of the online service!"


Will Rademeyer - Mortgage Box

"Mortgage Box has been a client of TraiTel for about 4 years. We have found your services to be fast, consistent and reliable. During my dealings with the staff at your company, I have found them to be helpful and efficient. The faxing facilities that we are using have been very effective as we are able to send and receive fax documents out of the office."