SiMP, the revolutionary new way..

..for businesses to communicate securely and privately with their customers.

With SiMP, you can create a unique profile for your business which forms the basis for communicating with your customers whilst respecting their privacy and anonymity. SiMP and SiMPtag work together seamlessly to offer businesses an unparalleled level of customer engagement and communication. SiMPtag is a physical tag that can be attached to any physical item that a business wants to promote or sell, such as a product, a vehicle, or a property.

SiMP makes it easy for any staff member to communicate with customers and makes it possible for all staff members to receive and see all the communication exchanged, this in turn makes it convenient for any authorized person to engage with a customer at any time.

SiMP’s cutting-edge feature called SiMPtag, allows your business to create and publish listings for the products or services offered, quickly and easily. The SiMPtag, with a QR code and NFC chip embedded, can be used to connect a client with a product you have for sale or a service offered in seconds. Once connected, your client will receive all the information they need about your product or service, and can communicate directly with the right person in your business in a secure, private chat.

SiMPtag’s are made in the USA, and cost just $0.99 each and are quality made using Acrylic and Epoxy to endure any type of weather and last many years - able to be repurposed more than 100,000 times!



How SiMP and SiMPtag Work Together

Creating a Listing with SiMP

To use a SiMPtag, a business first needs to create a listing on SiMP. The listing can be for any item or service that the business wants to promote or sell, and it can include multimedia such as images, videos, and documents. Once the listing is created, a unique alphanumeric code is generated that is associated with the listing.

A listing can be created directly from the SiMP app using your mobile phone or by using our website console for PC's and MAC's (coming soon).

Pairing a SiMPtag with a Listing

Once a listing is created, a business can pair it with a SiMPtag. To do this, the business needs to use the Share button/icon shown on the listing to connect it with the SiMPtag. Once paired, the SiMPtag will display the unique alphanumeric code associated with the listing.

Placing a SiMPtag on a Physical Item

The SiMPtag can be placed on any physical item that the business wants to promote or sell, such as a product, a vehicle, or a property sign. Its attractive presentation makes it easy to see indoors and thanks to its quality materials, can also be placed outside directly exposed to water, snow or sunshine without noticeable deterioration for many years. Once a product sells, it can be removed and placed on another, over and over again.

Customers Scanning the SiMPtag

Customers can scan the SiMPtag using either their mobile device's QR code reader or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Once scanned, the SiMP app will automatically generate the listing associated with the SiMPtag and download all the information uploaded by the merchant.

On Apple devices, the NFC reader is on the underside near the top of the phone and on Android devices it tends to be near the middle of the underside of the phone, however, depending on the brand, this can vary.

Communication through SiMP

Once a customer has scanned the SiMPtag and generated the listing on their SiMP app, they can communicate with the merchant through the app. This includes the ability to chat in writing, send multimedia, or make a VoIP call, all while maintaining complete anonymity and privacy.

The combination of SiMP and SiMPtag allows businesses to reach their target audience with precision, and engage with them in a way that is both convenient and secure. By using SiMPtag, businesses can take their marketing and sales efforts to the next level and achieve greater success in their endeavors.